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Take a list of domains and probe for working http and https servers.


▶ go install

Basic Usage

httprobe accepts line-delimited domains on stdin:

▶ cat recon/example/domains.txt
▶ cat recon/example/domains.txt | httprobe

Extra Probes

By default httprobe checks for HTTP on port 80 and HTTPS on port 443. You can add additional probes with the -p flag by specifying a protocol and port pair:

▶ cat domains.txt | httprobe -p http:81 -p https:8443


You can set the concurrency level with the -c flag:

▶ cat domains.txt | httprobe -c 50


You can change the timeout by using the -t flag and specifying a timeout in milliseconds:

▶ cat domains.txt | httprobe -t 20000

Skipping Default Probes

If you don't want to probe for HTTP on port 80 or HTTPS on port 443, you can use the -s flag. You'll need to specify the probes you do want using the -p flag:

▶ cat domains.txt | httprobe -s -p https:8443

Prefer HTTPS

Sometimes you don't care about checking HTTP if HTTPS is working. You can do that with the --prefer-https flag:

▶ cat domains.txt | httprobe --prefer-https


Build the docker container:

▶ docker build -t httprobe .

Run the container, passing the contents of a file into stdin of the process inside the container. -i is required to correctly map stdin into the container and to the httprobe binary.

▶ cat domains.txt | docker run -i httprobe <args>