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"Reptoads: The Rogue-like multiplayer card game" is a student project produced using turn based strategy game engine: 'Tomorrow Engine' as it's foundation.

The game itself is a strategy card game where you cooperate and race with a fellow adventurer towards the end, fighting monsters with cards provided from your deck, the game itself is deterministic in nature and was playable using local or online multi-player.

Due to licensing issues the project is not fully open source available within the project and major components are missing from the repository. A local network demo however is playable:

We published this codebase that others can learn from it.

Tomorrow Engine

The Tomorrow Engine is a custom turn based strategy engine that is written in C++ and supported both PC and PS4 as target platforms. The engine went through three development phases: Concept phase, production phase and release phase. The result of the last phase was the production of the card game "Reptoads" as written above, which the engine used as target to extend and enhance the functionality from the production phase.

Important note

Please read the included license file, Almost all comments from this and the Reptoads project have been stripped to avoid any mention of code or functionality that is under NDA.

Programming Team

  • Simon Renger - Team Lead
  • Dirk de Kok - Engine & Tools
  • Jesse Roffel - Engine & Tools
  • Marnix Kuijs - Graphics Programming
  • Hannes Vernooij - Graphics Programming (PS4 Version)
  • Maiko Steeman - Graphics Programming
  • Jorn Veen - Game Play Systems
  • Corne Steenhuis - UI & Network
  • Lucas Calmon - Tools programming
  • Zandor Smith - Network & QA
  • Jonah Rutten - AI

Design Team

  • Stef Mannens - Production
  • Noah ten Oever - Team Lead & Vision Holder
  • Sule Cankaya - QA & System Design
  • Norbert van Hamond - General Design
  • Linda Effinger - General Design
  • Loeck Treure - UI / UX

Art Team

Unanimously agreed and requested to remain uncredited as they felt unhappy with their deliveries and preferred to only have their highest quality work be found online.


8 Weeks student project







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