An JetBrains theme template for themer.
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themer-jetbrains Travis

An JetBrains theme template for themer. Compatible with JetBrains products such as PHPStorm, WebStorm, PyCharm & more!

Installation & usage

Install this module wherever you have themer installed:

npm install themer-jetbrains

Then pass themer-jetbrains as a -t (--template) arg to themer:

themer -c my-colors.js -t themer-jetbrains -o gen

Compatible with ChrisRM/material-theme-jetbrains


themer-jetbrains will generate multiple colorscheme files for you to choose from based on the palettes specified in your color scheme.


  1. Copy themer.palette.icls to your JetBrains IDE preferences color directory. The directory varies, depending on which JetBrains IDE you are using.

    The colors directory may need to be created.

    It is typically in:

    Mac OS X

    • IntelliJ IDEA: ~/Library/Preferences/jetbrainsIdea{version}/colors
    • WebStorm ~/Library/Preferences/WebStorm{version}/colors
    • PyCharm ~/Library/Preferences/PyCharm{version}/colors


    • IntelliJ IDEA %USERPROFILE%\.IdeaIC{version}\config\colors
    • PyCharm %USERPROFILE%\.PyCharm{version}\config\colors
  2. Restart jetbrains IDEA

  3. Go to Preferences | Editor | Colors & Fonts and select one of the new color themes.