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Code accompanying the paper Fisher GAN:
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Fisher GAN

PyTorch code accompanying the paper "Fisher GAN"

Tested on version 0.1.12.

To reproduce LSUN results (identical for CelebA, but set higher --niter):

python --dataset lsun --dataroot <lsun-root> --cuda --Diters 2 --adam --lrG 2e-4 --lrD 2e-4 --G_extra_layers 2

For CIFAR-10:

python --dataset cifar10 --dataroot <cifar10-root> --niter 350 --cuda --Diters 2 --adam --lrG 2e-4 --lrD 2e-4 --imageSize 32 --G_extra_layers 2 --D_extra_layers 2 
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