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A simple integration of the `MediaElementJS <>`_ video player for Plone.
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A simple integration of the MediaElementJS video player for Plone.

Large portions of this package have been blatantly copied from the collective.flowplayer product by Martin Aspeli.

What it does

Once installed, you can upload h.264 baseline encoded .mp4 files and they will automatically use a default view that renders the video using the MediaElementJS player.

MediaElementJS uses a HTML5 <video> tag, so any browser that can render .mp4 natively will do so (particularly any Safari browser, including iPhone and iPad). All others (i.e. those that cannot display <video> at all, such as older versions of IE or those which can but don't support the .h264 codec, such as Firefox or Opera) get the same video served via a Flash player. See the MediaElementJS homepage for more details.


Either use easy_install/pip or add it to your buildout. In either case, the name of the egg is collective.mediaelementjs.

Then, simply install it from the prefs_install_products_form in Plone, as you would with any other Plone product.

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