An extension to CSS providing mixins, nested rules, conditional content, variables and seamless Java integration.
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ZUSS (ZK User-interface Style Sheet) is an extension to CSS. ZUSS is backward compatible with CSS and CSS3, while extending it with variables, mixins, nested rules, expressions, and Java methods with existing CSS syntax.

Design Goals

  • Extend CSS to make it easy to write sophisticated CSS rules
  • High performance server-side processing with small foot print
  • Seamlessly integration with Java without the need of JavaScript interpreter

The first implementation is Java, and it depends nothing but JDK. It shall be straighforward to port to different languages.





ZUSS is inspired by LESS and SASS. Unlike LESS and SASS, the processing of ZUSS file won't require the JavaScript or Ruby interpreter. In additions, ZUSS is complaint with CSS 3 respecting the sophisticated selectors, styles and functions.