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Pinba engine defines and uses the following configuration directives (in my.cnf).
Keep in mind that they cannot be used until the plugin is loaded!

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pinba_port - port used by data collector. Default value is 30002.


pinba_address - IP address to listen at (leave it empty if you want to listen at any IP).


pinba_stats_gathering_period (microseconds) - defines how often the collector thread has to lock down both request and temporary pool in order to process incoming packets and drop outdated ones. Default value is 10000 microseconds, i.e. it checks for new data 100 times per sec.

Make sure UDP buffer in your system is big enough to store arriving packages. Check out netstat -s | grep "receive errors" output - if the number constantly grows, then you need to increase the buffer. Linux users can do that using echo "<new value>" > /proc/sys/net/core/rmem_default. See also this article.


pinba_stats_history (seconds) - defines how old can be data in the request pool. Pinba deletes outdated data before processing incoming packets, this setting defines what to consider "old". Default value is 900 seconds, i.e. the data will stay for 15 minutes (15 * 60 sec), but only if the request pool will not overflow.


pinba_temp_pool_size - temporary pool size. The value should not be too low, or Pinba will start dropping incoming packets. Default value is 10000, but in some cases you might want to increase it.


pinba_request_pool_size - this is basically the number of request records to store. If you set the value to, say, 10000, Pinba will be able store 10000 requests packets at maximum and newer requests will overwrite the old ones. The rule of thumb is to use this formula: <max></max> * <stats_history></stats_history> = <request></request>. Default value is 1000000.


pinba_histogram_max_time - default maximal time for histograms.

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