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The following is a proposed project structure for basic applications that works in conjunction with YIInitializr components.

YIInitializr vanilla projects make extensive use of Composer. We found at that is easier to your extensions bundle outside of your application scope - thanks to Phundament and Tobias Munk for his knowledge and shares. Composer is your dependency package best friend.

The package is cleaned from extensions, you choose what you wish to include in your composer.json files. The only ones included are Yii Framework (obviously), YiiStrap and YiiWheels, the rest is up to you. We do not want to confuse you

Setup and first run

  • Set up Git by following the instructions here.
  • Update the configurations in app/config/ to suit your needs. The common/config/main.php is configured to use sqllite by default. Change your common/config/env/dev.php to suit your database requirements.
  • Composer is required The package includes already a composer.phar file.
  • Browse through the composer.json and remove the dependencies you don't need also update the required versions of the extensions.
  • If you have composer installed globally:
    • Run composer self-update to make sure you have the latest version of composer.
    • Run composer install to download all the dependencies.
  • If you work the composer.phar library within the project boilerplate.
    • Run php composer.phar self-update to make sure you have the latest version of composer.
    • Run php composer.phar install to download all the dependencies.
  • Yiinitializr\Composer\Callback will configure everything required on your application: runtime and assets folders and migrations.

For more information about using Composer please see its documentation.

###How to configure the application

We focused to release the pain of configuring your application and combine your configuration files. Yiinitializr\Helpers\Initializr is very easy to use, check for example the bootstrap index.php file:


Yii::setPathOfAlias('Yiinitializr', './../app/lib/Yiinitializr');

use Yiinitializr\Helpers\Initializer;

Initializer::create('./../app', 'main', array('common', 'env', 'local'))->run();

For more information about Yiinitializr please check it at its github repo.

Overall Structure

Bellow the directory structure used:

   |---lib #it will hold composer 'vendor' folder


The following extensions are part of YIInitializr-basic template:

web development has never been so fun


Yii Framework project structure boilerplate for basic requirements


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