A lightweight editor made specifically for markdown.
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NOTE: This project is old and unmaintained. It is here solely for reference purposes.


Gonzo Screenshot


Gonzo is lightweight desktop markdown editor built using Adobe Air, AS3, and Flex 4.5. The aim to is to have a very simple editor that gives you the ability to write markdown while viewing a live HTML preview. When you're done, you can export the generated HTML and add the content directly to your blog or other web publishing target.


The source for this project is a Flash Builder project based on Flex 4.5. I have not attempted to load into any other IDE or Flex SDK.

The goal is to make this is a robust desktop application, so I will not be attempting to make this usable for mobile or web. That's not to say there won't be spin offs for web or mobile, but at this point, its not on the roadmap.


Check the Issues for a list of all upcoming features and bugs I'm working out.