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Simple Komodo SudokuCC based blockchain game in Python
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Komodo SudokuCC GUI

Just solve Sudoku and earn SUDOKU coins!

alt text

To run you need up and running SUDOKU chain daemon built from latest and started with valid for your wallet pubkey in -pubkey= param.

SUDOKU chain params: ./komodod -ac_name=SUDOKU -ac_supply=1000000 -pubkey=<yourpubkey> -addnode= -gen -genproclimit=1 -ac_cclib=sudoku -ac_perc=10000000 -ac_reward=100000000 -ac_cc=60000 -ac_script=2ea22c80203d1579313abe7d8ea85f48c65ea66fc512c878c0d0e6f6d54036669de940febf8103120c008203000401cc &

  1. install dependencies:
$ sudo apt-get install python-pygame libgnutls28-dev
$ pip install requests wheel slick-bitcoinrpc pygame
  1. and then start:
$ git clone
$ cd Komodoku
$ python
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