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Matplotlib Style Gallery

This is a simple Flask application to compare different Matplotlib styles.

A static version of this gallery, without support for generating plots for custom inputs, can be found here: http://tonysyu.github.io/raw_content/matplotlib-style-gallery/gallery.html


To start up the gallery, make sure that this module is in your python path (either by installing it or just changing to this directory) and execute:

$ python -m mpl_style_gallery

This will fire up a local server with the gallery app running and open your web-browser to that page.

After you've run the application for first time, you don't need to re-build the images for the gallery (unless you've added your own plot scripts), so you can skip the plotting as follows:

$ python -m mpl_style_gallery --skip-build

Adding your own styles

Comparing the default styles is great, but what if you want to test something different?

This app provides two ways to add your own stylesheets:

  1. Find a stylesheet online and copy the URL into the app's input area.
  2. Create a stylesheet on the fly by adding valid matplotlibrc syntax. into the input area of the application.

Adding your own plot-scripts

If you have a plot script that you believe would help others decide which is the best stylesheet, pull requests are welcome!

To test out your own plot script, just grab a copy of this project and drop any plotting script into the scripts directory:



To run the gallery, you don't actually need to install this package. You can simply grab the source and run the package as a script:

$ git clone https://github.com/tonysyu/matplotlib-style-gallery.git
$ cd matplotlib-style-gallery
$ python -m mpl_style_gallery



This was actually created as a project for me to learn a little bit of javascript, so look for future updates with more interactivity.


New BSD (a.k.a. Modified BSD). See LICENSE file for details.