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Tool to upload pictures from Google Drive to Wikimedia commons
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Google drive to Wikimedia Commons

Build Status

Upload your files directly from Google drive to Wikimedia Commons. Currently deployed at [Toollabs](https://tools.wmflabs .org/google-drive-photos-to-commons/).


We use python 3.5.3 on production. Make sure you have this installed on your machine, or use pyenv as described later in this documentation.

Steps for local development

  1. Install pyenv and its virtualenv manager using
    $ brew install pyenv
    $ brew install pyenv-virtualenv
    $ pyenv install 3.5.3
    $ eval "$(pyenv init -)"
    gdrive_to_commons/$ pyenv virtualenv 3.5.3 gdrive-env-3.5.3
    This will create a pyenv-virtualenv for you and probably place it on your ~/home/<username>/.pyenv/versions/. You can activate that manually using
    gdrive_to_commons/$ source ~/.pyenv/versions/gdrive-env-3.5.3/bin/activate
    or even better:
    gdrive_to_commons/$ pyenv activate gdrive-env-3.5.3
    or, there are better ways to do this if you follow https://github .com/pyenv/pyenv-virtualenv
  2. Now you are in the right environment, install dependencies using:
    (gdrive-env-3.5.3) gdrive_to_commons/$ pip install -r requirements.txt
  3. We use pre-commit hooks to format code. See that you install it using Later, install our pre-commit hooks using (gdrive-env-3.5.3) gdrive_to_commons/$ pre-commit install
  4. There are some localsettings you need to have as part of running the server. You can copy a template using: (gdrive-env-3.5.3) gdrive_to_commons/$ cp gdrive_to_commons/ gdrive_to_commons/ You need to modify the values there to use the applicaiton in full.
  5. Run the Django standard runserver steps:
    (gdrive-env-3.5.3) gdrive_to_commons/$ python migrate
    (gdrive-env-3.5.3) gdrive_to_commons/$ python collectstatic
    (gdrive-env-3.5.3) gdrive_to_commons/$ python runserver
    or even better, run it from pyCharm using your debugger.
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