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Ask me anything!

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  • I am a developer for a large non-profit organization in Philadelphia.
  • I blog about my experiences learning web development.
  • Sometimes I tweet about tech, programming and other assorted randomness.
  • In my spare time, I've been working with the Echonest API to build a music site that integrates social media with a listening experience.
  • I'm a vinyl junkie and audiophile, you can view my record collection here (if you're into that sort of thing).

Please read my post on how I went from zero to hired web developer in 5 months or any other posts on my blog for some inspiration.

I get a lot of questions by email and can't answer them all. This is a great way for anyone to ask or read questions and answers!

Anything means anything. Personal questions. Money. Work. Life. Code. Whatever.


  • Ensure your question hasn't already been answered.
  • Use a succinct title and description.
  • Bugs & feature requests should be opened on the relevant issue tracker.
  • Support questions are better asked on Stack Overflow.
  • Be civil and polite :)