App for Garmin watches to follow the 8 minute abs workout
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8 Minute Abs for Garmin Devices

There is a video on YouTube 8 Minute Abs that I've followed in different periods in my life. Now that I own a Garmin Fenix 5 watch, I'm back doing these exercises I got this idea of implementing a simple application on my watch to follow along these exercises in a more easier way.

I start the app from my watch and it uses tones and vibrations to tell me when to switch to a new exercise and also lets me know of the exercise name. Once I'm done it saves this as training activity for keeping track purposes.


The easiest installation medium is through the Garmin App Store. Navigate there with the Garmin App (Android, iPhone) on your phone, Garmin Express on your computer or straight from the Connect IQ Store.

Build from source

To build the project you need to have the Connect IQ SDK installed. I'm currently building this with the 2.4.4 version with the Eclipse IDE.