Configuration to serve Plex Media Center using Nginx
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Plex Nginx Reverse Proxy

This configuration will allow you to serve Plex via Nginx.

Minimal Requirements



  • Remote Access - Disable
  • Network - Custom server access URLs = https://<your-domain>:443,http://<your-domain>:80
  • Network - Secure connections = Preferred.
  • #f03c15 Note you can force SSL by setting required and not adding the HTTP URL, however some players which do not support HTTPS (e.g: Roku, Playstations, some SmartTVs) will no longer function.

Optional Requirements

UFW or other firewall:

  • Deny port 32400 externally (Plex still pings over 32400, some clients may use 32400 by mistake despite 443 and 80 being set).
  • Note adding allowLocalhostOnly="1" to your Preferences.xml, will make Plex only listen on the localhost, achieving the same thing as using a firewall.