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Hlídač Shopů

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PWA a rozšíření do nejrošířenějších prohlížečů, které zobrazuje historická data cen na největších českých a slovenských e-shopech vč. Reálné slevy.

PWA and browser extension shows historical prices for biggest czech and slovak e-commerce websites.



We are using package.json scripts (run yarn run for a list) for project automation.


You will need:

  • Node.js 14
  • Yarn
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • XCode Command Line Tools (for Safari and iOS development)
  • Pulumi (for Infrastructure and backend development)

See scripts folder for install scripts for your system.

Building extensions

All extensions (except Safari version) will be build to ./dist folder by calling the npm build script.

Firefox supports Dark and Light themes for action icons and we are optimising action icons for these. Chrome doesn't support action icons theming via manifest.json so we use background.js script to add support for themes programmatically. We are removing background.js script, and it's entry in manifest, in build step with other unnecessary files.

Content script content.js is written in ESM, but ESM is not widely supported in content scripts. So we use simple bundle script yarn build:extension to convert ESM to IIFE bundle.

Firefox extension

To build Firefox extension run yarn build:firefox. It will create extension-dist folder for development time and packaged extension in ./dist folder.

Chrome extension

To build Chrome extension run yarn build:chrome. It will create package in ./dist folder.

Safari extension

  1. Run yarn build:safari to get latest bundle script, domains (eshops) permissions and current version for Safari
  2. Distribute app by XCode: yarn start:safari > Product > Archive > Distribute App*
  3. Manually send new app version to Review on Itunes Connect - you will need to be logged in as TopMonks developer (credentials in 1Password)

* Use autosigning feature and use the TopMonks s.r.o Apple developer team account. If this fails with missing private key, download one named "itunes Mac App Distribution mac_app.cer" from TopMonks 1Password.

Updating extension version

To check current version in package.json, manifest.json and about.html run


Update to new version run

./ x.y.z

Extension development

For seamless development experience we have yarn watch:extension script with incremental builds on source files changes.

We also have convenient script yarn start:chrome and yarn start:firefox to start browsers with already registered extension and automatic reloading on changes.

For visual testing at scale, there is ./scripts/screenshotter.mjs. This will run Chrome with installed extension and take a screenshot of embedded widget on every supported e-shop. You can find resulting pictures in ./screenshots folder.

Other sources

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