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Google Chrome Extensions are add-ons that allow users to customize their Chrome web browser. They are downloadable through the Chrome Web Store. Extensions are most often written in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

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fregante commented Jan 6, 2020

This is a followup to sindresorhus/refined-github#2605

In that PR I made some small changes to 3 features to avoid content jumps.

You can contribute more of these changes:

  • either by finding which features could benefit from faster loading, or
  • by sending a PR with those changes.

Some features could just benefit from some minimal caching, others need `eleme

Noobyprogrammer commented Apr 15, 2020

When working on Google Docs, I usually activate Dark reader because too much white is frustrating and stressful for the eyes. Anyway, when I need to work with anyone who doesn't have Dark Reader or I need to deliver the work, there is black portions of text scattered around the document. Changing the highlight doesn't do anything and the only way to delete them is to "Erase Formatting". It isn't h

xcffl commented Feb 8, 2019

如 Firefox 的阅读模式等都会提取作者和发布时间,如 Mozilla 维护的 Readibility.js

    // property is a space-separated list of values
    var propertyPattern = /\s*(dc|dcterm|og|twitter)\s*:\s*(author|creator|description|title|site_name)\s*/gi;

    // name 
ezl commented Feb 7, 2019


api.get.unread_inbox_emails is returning 0, when there are unread inbox emails.

(probably the same thing happening for all api.get.unread_emails() keys)


My left navigation looks like this:

The api.get.unread_emails() method is looking

autonome commented Apr 27, 2020

Does Memex automatically store what I bookmark in Firefox on an ongoing basis?

Does what I add to Memex automatically get added to my browser bookmarks?

What's the relationship between Memex datastore and existing datastores in-browser which reflect ongoing usage?

steka commented Sep 23, 2019

It would be nice if keys could be listed on the options page that will be shown (with its value) when a node is folded (if found). Compressed to one line and maybe limited by n-characters.

Example, if "name" is the among the listed keys, and found in the node, then the folded node will be show as:

{"name": "Lorem ipsum" }

instead of the current:


and when key/value is "to lon

finn0 commented Feb 26, 2020

Like other privacy friendly extensions, it would be nice if Privacy Badger also has a "Reload Page" button in its popup.

Sometimes PB breaks websites, and to fix those issues, I've to do some adjustments in "domain slider"; but after adjustments I've to either click on browser's reload icon or press ctrl+R, it would be nice if I can reload page directly from PB popup.

This would be especia

Soninmyeyes commented Dec 18, 2019

Meta info

  • Is this a bug or suggestion?: Bug
  • Version (click on help icon in footer): 4.0.3
  • Contex: Chrome Extension

The "Read the documentation" link in the help window generates a file-not-found error:

Your file was not found
It may have been moved or deleted.
— chrome-extension://lkfkkhfhhdkiemehlpkgjeojomhpccn


Created by Google Inc.

Released December 8, 2009

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