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Rocks for torch
HTML Groff Lua
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argcheck-0.5.0-0.rockspec added rockspec for argcheck 0.5
argcheck-scm-1.rockspec updating argcheck rockspec
async-scm-1.rockspec updated rockspec (async)
audio-0.1-0.rockspec new audio rockspec
buffer-scm-0.rockspec New rock
caffe-1.0-0.rockspec caffe bindings
cairo-0.5.0-0.rockspec cairo 0.5.0-0
cairo-scm-1.rockspec update cairo scm
camera-1.0-0.rockspec New rockspecs!
camera-1.1-0.rockspec version-less rock for camera
ccn2-scm-1.rockspec adding cuda-convnet2 rockspec
cephes-0-0.rockspec remove unneeded ffi dependency from rockspec
class-0.5.0-0.rockspec added class-0.5.0-0 rockspec
class-scm-1.rockspec fix class-scm
clnn-scm-1.rockspec add clnn and cltorch
cltorch-scm-1.rockspec Add cltorch
csvigo-scm-1.rockspec csvigo is on master, not a tagged branch
cudnn-scm-1.rockspec cudnn ffi bindings for torch
cunn-scm-1.rockspec updating cunn rockspec
cunnx-scm-1.rockspec fixed dp/cunnx
curl-0.1-0.rockspec New rock.
cutorch-scm-1.rockspec updating cutorch rockspec
cwrap-scm-1.rockspec added rockspecs from torch7-split
display-scm-0.rockspec adding szym/display rock
dok-scm-1.rockspec added rockspecs from torch7-split
dp-scm-1.rockspec dp rocks update
dpnn-scm-1.rockspec dpnn rockspec
eex-1.0-0.rockspec Updated "eex" rockspec (from torchrocks to luarocks)
env-scm-1.rockspec Added missing dependencies for env
fex-0.1-0.rockspec New rockspecs!
ffmpeg-1.0-0.rockspec FFMPEG version.
fftw3-scm-1.rockspec adding fftw3-ffi
fn-0-0.rockspec Add missing dependencies to fn-0-0 rockspec.
fs-0.3-0.rockspec New rockspecs!
gfx.js-scm-0.rockspec Updating install command for gfx.js
gm-scm-1.rockspec Update gm-scm-1.rockspec
gnuplot-scm-1.rockspec fix gnuplot rockspec
graph-scm-1.rockspec adding rocks for graph and nngraph
graphicsmagick-1.scm-0.rockspec Updated graphicsmagick pkg.
hash-scm-1.rockspec added hash rockspec
hdf5-0-0.rockspec Change upstream location
image-1.0-0.rockspec Added back old rocks.
image-1.0.1-0.rockspec Added back old rocks.
image-1.1.alpha-0.rockspec upadted rock (image)
imgraph-1.0-0.rockspec New rockspecs!
index.html add clnn and cltorch
inline-c-1.0-0.rockspec New rockspecs!
inn-1.0-0.rockspec imagine-nn master tag
itorch-scm-1.rockspec new itorch rockspec
json-1.0-0.rockspec Update json-1.0-0.rockspec
loadcaffe-1.0-0.rockspec updating loadcaffe dependency structure
logroll-0-0.rockspec Added logroll package
luaforever-scm-1.rockspec New package.
make-manifest.lua updated make_manifest.lua for the new luarocks 2.2.0, also readded th…
manifest add clnn and cltorch
manifest-5.1 add clnn and cltorch
manifest-5.2 add clnn and cltorch
manifest-5.3 add clnn and cltorch
manifold-scm-0.rockspec add laplacian eigenmaps to manifold package
matio-scm-1.rockspec adding rockspec for matio package. This allows to load matlab files i…
mattorch-1.0-0.rockspec new rocks
metriclearning-scm-0.rockspec add metric learning rock
mnist-scm-1.rockspec rock for mnist package
ncurses-scm-0.rockspec added ncurses wrapper
nn-scm-1.rockspec added rockspecs from torch7-split
nnbhwd-scm-1.rockspec adding nnbhwd kernels rockspec
nngraph-scm-1.rockspec adding rocks for graph and nngraph
nnx-0.1-1.rockspec New rockspecs!
ns-redis-scm-0.rockspec added namespaced redis client
optim-1.0.3-0.rockspec Rebased rocks to new system.
optim-1.0.3-1.rockspec add optim-1.0.3-1
optim-1.0.4-0.rockspec add optim 1.0.4 rockspec
optim-1.0.5-0.rockspec Update optim-1.0.5-0.rockspec
parallel-1.0-0.rockspec New rockspecs!
parallel-1.1-0.rockspec added env dependency to parallel
paths-scm-1.rockspec added rockspecs from torch7-split
persist-scm-0.rockspec New rock
plplot-0-0.rockspec Change source url to not require SSH
pprint-0-0.rockspec Change upstream location
python-scm-0.rockspec Python rockspec
qtlua-scm-1.rockspec oops, forgot rockspec
qttorch-scm-1.rockspec fix qttorch rock
randomkit-0-0.rockspec Change upstream location
randomkit-0-1.rockspec Change upstream location
rational-scm-1.rockspec added rational rockspec
redis-async-scm-0.rockspec ...
redis-queue-scm-0.rockspec new queue type in redis queue
redis-status-scm-0.rockspec new rocks
restclient-0.1-0.rockspec Updated restclient's def.
rnn-scm-1.rockspec added dpnn dependency to rnn
rq-monitor-scm-0.rockspec new rocks
schedlua-scm-1.rockspec updating rock
sdl2-scm-1.rockspec added rockspecs for sdl2 & threads
signal-scm-1.rockspec moving signal to a cmake based install
sndfile-scm-1.rockspec added sndfile rock
strict-0-0.rockspec Change upstream location
sundown-scm-1.rockspec updated sundown-ffi rockspec
svm-0.1-0.rockspec svm rockspec
sys-1.0-0.rockspec ...
sys-1.1-0.rockspec ...
tds-scm-1.rockspec adding tds to rocks
template.html New script to generate proper templates.
thmap-scm-1.rockspec merge
threads-scm-1.rockspec update threads rock
torch-7.scm-0.rockspec Imported rockspec for Torch7
torch-scm-1.rockspec added rockspecs from torch7-split
torchffi-1.1.alpha-0.rockspec Rebasing rocks to new torch repo.
torchx-scm-1.rockspec torchx update
totem-0-0.rockspec Change upstream location
trepl-scm-1.rockspec update trepl rockspec
underscore-dev-1.rockspec Added underscore.
unsup-0.1-0.rockspec Update unsup-0.1-0.rockspec
utf8-scm-1.rockspec new rock: utf8
util-0-0.rockspec Added packages: fn, pprint, util
videograph-1.0-0.rockspec New rockspecs!
xlua-1.0-0.rockspec Rebasing rocks to new torch repo.


This is the official rock server for the Torch ecosystem. Note that all these rocks are installable with Luarocks, but most of them assume LuaJIT.

Please refer to the Torch portal for more info on Torch.

If you want to contribute and share some code, just create a rock for it, and make a pull request to this repo. When commiting your rocks, you should also run the script make-manifest.lua, provided in this repo, to update the manifest and the html summary. The summary is viewable at all times here.

Make sure your luajit-rocks is up to date as you will require luarocks version > 2.2 to make the manifest.

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