Country lookup service - get AS-numbers and prefixes for a given country
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A simple lookup service for AS-numbers and prefixes belonging to any given country in the world. For more information check out the website at

Note: if you're only interested in the CC2ASN data, I suggest you use the service on, either by querying the database or simply download the db.tar.gz package, rather than installing a completely new server.

System prerequisites

sudo apt-get install python-naturalsort python-configobj rsyslog


curl -L | tar zx
cd *cc2asn*
sudo ./

Initializing with data


You can run these scripts as a non-privileged user, provided that you set proper permissions on the DATADIR and DBDIR directories specified in the configuration file cc2asn.conf

Starting the server

An Upstart-script is provided, and is installed by the installation script This script will automatically start and stop the server at startup and shutdown. To start the server manually without doing a complete reboot, do the following:

start cc2asn

Checking the status of the server

status cc2asn

If you get cc2asn start/running, process <pid> (where pid is the process id of the server on your system), then it's up and running.


Check your local syslog file for any problems with the CC2ASN service. Any log entries marked with WARNING, ERROR or CRITICAL should be dealt with.

zgrep -iE "cc2asn: <warning|error|critical>" /var/log/syslog*