A hiera backend that queries the Foreman for data
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Foreman Backend for Hiera

A pluggable hiera backend that queries a foreman server for data.


Since foreman has its own configurable search hierarchy, hiera-foreman does not attempt to implement hierarchy in any way currently.


You will need to edit your hiera.yaml config file to include a foreman url, as well as a username, and password, if you're using HTTP Basic Auth.

  - foreman
  - yaml

:logger: console

  - %{fqdn}
  - common

  :datadir: '/etc/puppet/hieradata'

  :url: 'http://foreman.cas.unt.edu'
  :user: 'USERNAME'
  :pass: 'PASSWORD'


  • @mchugh19 - SmartVar Queries, calling from within puppet functions
  • @ohadlevy - Inspiration and guidance


Apache License, v2.0


For bugs, please file an issue in the GitHub tracker.

To hack, feel free to fork, contribute and submit a pull request.

Otherwise, feel free to send me a message on GitHub or IRC.

###IRC: torrancew on Freenode, EFNet