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Angular, D3 dashboard
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AngularJS Dashboard with D3JS

This is a simple implementation of D3JS in an Angular app. It's not meant to be a finished product, but just an example of how you might integrate the two.

The data is just made up, meant to model traffic to an app or website.


This project is scaffolded from Yeoman using generator-angular, so any standard grunt commands are available.

npm install && bower install
grunt serve



All the data is provided as flat JSON files, so you can see how you might query an actual API. A finished app would probably not use a JSON file to serve data! On the other hand, all the models in Angular return promise objects, which is how I'd normally return data.


The basic styles are provided by Twitter Bootstrap. Since this project isn't really concerned with styles, I didn't spend a great deal of time on that. However, any custom styles written are in atomic design layout with BEM naming system.

Facebook Integration

I'd planned to do a more thorough Facebook integration, but ultimately moved on to other work. You can probably just ignore anything FB related. The plan was to allow sharing of links to a FB wall.


This project makes use of several other projects, notably

  1. AngularJS & D3JS (of course!)
  2. Angular UI Bootstrap directives
  3. AngularJS NVD3 directives
  4. Angular EasyFB
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