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Responsive Hugo theme based on Inkblot of WordPress theme
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Inkblotty is a Hugo theme based on Inkblot.



  • Responsive Design
  • Article
    • Share Button (Facebook, Twitter, Hatena Bookmark)
    • Comment form (Disqus)
    • Related Posts
  • Article list
    • Summarize and Readmore
  • Sidebar
    • Category list
    • Tag cloud
    • Recent Posts
    • Archives
  • Others
    • Google Analytics
    • Sitemap XML
    • RSS


  1. Put theme directory into themes of your hugo site.

    • Run git command in themes directory:
      git clone
    • Or, download and extract zip file, and put directory into themes directory as inkblotty.
  2. Edit config.toml of your hugo site.


exampleSite/config.toml is for reference.

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