My RC Files, sprinter configuration, etc.
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My RC Files, sprinter configuration, etc.


If you have sprinter, installation is:

sprinter install

Additional steps

  • add ssh key to github (~/.sprinter/toumorokoshi/github/

Ubuntu 12.04 Specific Setup

Install compiz settings:

sudo apt-get install compiz compizconfig-settings-manager compiz-fusion-plugins-extra compiz-fusion-plugins-main compiz-plugins wmctrl

To get to settings manager type:


The notable configuration is:

  • 'grid' for aero-like window snapping

toumorokoshi's emacs environment

This the emacs environment I use to do almost anything coding-related. Feel free to fork it if you'd like, always looking for more improvements on this.


I've categorized my emacs dependencies into two sections: with externals and without externals.

By "externals" I mean any .el files, folders, or scripts that need to be downloaded. .emacs.noexternals with work fine with just the basic emacs out right now (23.3)

Create a symbolic link to the version that you would like. The .externals is considerably harder, as this requires you to go around and find every include I've added. Sounds like emacs24 will have a package manager, so at that point I'm sure the .external version will be much more accessible.

Anyway, I have .externals depending on .noexternals, so you only to use one:

.emacs.externals (loads) -> .emacs.noexternals

Packages are now stored on .emacs.packages, and primarly uses package.el to install. I also primarily use Melpa as my main package repository, as most of those packages are built directly from the git repositories.

Externals to install

jedi and epc should be installed (python code complete):

easy_install jedi
easy_install epc