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This shall become a starting point for creating an AI for the Screeps game in Haskell. The Javascript Bindings are currently very rudimentary and don't consider multi-room support.

To run the upload script you will need a screeps account, which you currently only get by purchasing the game. Theoretically you could use the free demo mode if you manage to paste the big output js (see below)

ZuriHac: I'll try to get a setup where we all can use my own account.

The build process rather clumsily runs stack inside a Docker container with a prebuilt ghcjs (since that thing takes ages to build). I haven't got the stack docker integration to work properly. I probably also should package node in the image for the upload script (or even better, convert the upload script to haskell in the first place)

Where do I start?

To make any sense of what's happening, you need a basic grasp of the game. Screeps has a free tutorial that you can do in javascript.

Here's the very very basics:

  • You have little guys called creeps for which you program the AI

  • The very minimum of functionality is having creeps collecting energy from a source (the yellow blocks) and carrying it to the room controller (the octagonal thing), upgrading it, so your power increases.

  • Creeps are eventually going to die, so you will have to spawn new creeps. For this, you have to put energy into the Spawn and its Extensions (the round things). Then you tell the spawn to create a new creep, consuming energy based on the kind of creep you spawn.

src/Lib.hs currently contains the main logic. Start looking at what's happening there.

How to run it with Atom

Use this plugin which should handle everything for you:

How to run it otherwise

  • Have a .env file with USERNAME and PASSWORD of your screeps account. If you don't have an account, just create an empty .env file so the Makefile works

  • With Docker

    • FIRST TIME: run make setup (which runs stack setup in a docker container)

    • Run make build

  • Without Docker

    • FIRST TIME: Run stack setup (will compile GHCJS, which is going to take a while)

    • Run stack build

  • Go to!/sim/tutorial/4 and click away the dialogues,

  • Upload the script:

    • Either use make upload to build and upload the script, select the haskell branch

    • Or paste the contents of .stack-work/dist/x86_64-linux/Cabal- into the main module. Theoretically this should work, although my browser seems to refuse to paste the >1MB of code.

  • Look at them go!


Screeps AI in Haskell. VERY ALPHA





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