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tovid ( Video disc authoring software

tovid is a suite of tools for creating video DVDs. It can convert your video files to the correct format, generate navigational menus, and create and burn the disc image.

Quick install:

$ su -c './ install' or $ sudo ./ install

Then run:

$ tovid


$ man tovid

See INSTALL for installation instructions for more details about the shell and python scripts in this package.

Please note that tovid is in its ALPHA phase of development. It should not be used for mission-critical applications; numerous bugs, quirks, and syntax errors undoubtedly remain.

This program is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind. Use it at your own risk.

===================================================== SUPPORT

If you need assistance or have questions about tovid, please consult the following (in order of preference):

tovid homepage: tovid-users discussion group: