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include arch.make
default: objsdir $(BUILD_TARGETS) examples_build
@if [ -z "$(BUILD_TARGETS)" ]; then echo "FoX is not configured!"; else touch .FoX; fi
mkdir -p objs/lib objs/finclude
install: objsdir $(BUILD_TARGETS)
$(MKDIR_P) $(install_prefix)/lib $(install_prefix)/finclude $(install_prefix)/bin
$(INSTALL) objs/lib/* $(install_prefix)/lib
$(INSTALL) -m 644 objs/finclude/* $(install_prefix)/finclude
$(INSTALL) FoX-config $(install_prefix)/bin
if test -d examples; then (cd examples; $(MAKE) VPATH=$(VPATH)/examples) fi
# Recursive make for each module
dom_lib: objsdir sax_lib wxml_lib
(cd dom; $(MAKE) VPATH=$(VPATH)/dom)
if test -d dom; then (cd dom; $(MAKE) VPATH=$(VPATH)/dom clean) fi
dom_lib_check: sax_lib_check wxml_lib_check
(cd dom; $(MAKE) VPATH=$(VPATH)/dom check)
touch dom_lib_check
sax_lib: objsdir common_lib utils_lib fsys_lib
(cd sax; $(MAKE) VPATH=$(VPATH)/sax)
if test -d sax; then (cd sax; $(MAKE) VPATH=$(VPATH)/sax clean) fi
sax_lib_check: common_lib_check
(cd sax; $(MAKE) VPATH=$(VPATH)/sax check)
touch sax_lib_check
wxml_lib: objsdir common_lib fsys_lib
(cd wxml; $(MAKE) VPATH=$(VPATH)/wxml)
if test -d wxml; then (cd wxml; $(MAKE) VPATH=$(VPATH)/wxml clean) fi
wxml_lib_check: common_lib_check
(cd wxml; $(MAKE) VPATH=$(VPATH)/wxml check)
touch wxml_lib_check
wcml_lib: objsdir utils_lib wxml_lib
(cd wcml; $(MAKE) VPATH=$(VPATH)/wcml)
if test -d wcml; then (cd wcml; $(MAKE) VPATH=$(VPATH)/wcml clean) fi
wcml_lib_check: wxml_lib_check
(cd wcml; $(MAKE) VPATH=$(VPATH)/wcml check)
touch wcml_lib_check
#wkml_lib: objsdir utils_lib wxml_lib
# (cd wkml; $(MAKE) VPATH=$(VPATH)/wkml)
# if test -d wkml; then (cd wkml; $(MAKE) VPATH=$(VPATH)/wkml clean) fi
#wkml_lib_check: wxml_lib_check
# (cd wkml; $(MAKE) VPATH=$(VPATH)/wkml check)
# touch wkml_lib_check
common_lib: objsdir fsys_lib utils_lib
(cd common; $(MAKE) VPATH=$(VPATH)/common)
if test -d common; then (cd common; $(MAKE) VPATH=$(VPATH)/common clean) fi
(cd common; $(MAKE) VPATH=$(VPATH)/common check)
touch common_lib_check
utils_lib: objsdir fsys_lib
(cd utils; $(MAKE) VPATH=$(VPATH)/utils)
if test -d utils; then (cd utils; $(MAKE) VPATH=$(VPATH)/utils clean) fi
fsys_lib: objsdir
(cd fsys; $(MAKE) VPATH=$(VPATH)/fsys)
if test -d fsys; then (cd fsys; $(MAKE) VPATH=$(VPATH)/fsys clean) fi
check: default
@if ! test -d examples; then echo "You need to download the full version of FoX to run the testsuite"; \
elif grep DUMMYLIB arch.make > /dev/null; then echo "You cannot run the testsuite on the dummy library"; \
else \
rm -f check.out *_check; \
touch check.out; \
for i in $(BUILD_TARGETS); do $(MAKE) $$i''_check; done; \
grep RESULT check.out; \
(cd DoX; $(MAKE) VPATH=$(VPATH)/DoX)
rm -rf .gitignore DoX/ config/aclocal.m4 config/autom4te.cache config/ config/m4/ config/makefile examples/ m4/ */test/ */*.m4 Changelog RELEASE
sed -e /m4/d -i */makefile
cutdown-wxml: cutdown
rm -rf wcml/ sax/ dom/
cutdown-wcml: cutdown
rm -rf sax/ dom/
cutdown-sax: cutdown
rm -rf wxml/ wcml/ dom/
cutdown-dom: cutdown
rm -rf wcml/
#cutdown-wkml: cutdown
# rm -rf sax/ dom/
clean: wxml_lib_clean wcml_lib_clean common_lib_clean fsys_lib_clean sax_lib_clean dom_lib_clean utils_lib_clean
#clean: wkml_lib_clean wxml_lib_clean wcml_lib_clean common_lib_clean fsys_lib_clean sax_lib_clean dom_lib_clean utils_lib_clean
if test -d examples; then (cd examples; $(MAKE) VPATH=$(VPATH)/examples clean) fi
rm -rf objs .FoX check.out *_check
distclean: clean
rm -f FoX-config arch.make config.log config.status .config check.out
touch arch.make
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