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Analyze the unstructured data with Towhee, such as reverse image search, reverse video search, audio classification, question and answer systems, molecular search, etc.


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Towhee Examples


Towhee Examples are used to analyze the unstructured data with towhee, such as reverse image search, reverse video search, audio classification, question and answer systems, molecular search, etc.

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About Towhee Examples

x2vec, Towhee is all you need! Towhee can generate embedding vectors via a pipeline of ML models and other operations. It aims to make democratize x2vec, allowing everyone - from beginner developers to large organizations - to generate dense embeddings with just a few lines of code.

There are many interesting examples that use Towhee to process various unstructured data like images, audio, video, etc. You can easily run these examples on your machine.

Funny Example List

Bootcamp Operators
Getting Started Getting Started with Pipeline

An introduction to `Pipeline`, which can help you better learn the data processing pipeline with Towhee.

Image Reverse Image Search

Search for images that are similar or related to the input image, it supports a lot of models such as ResNet, VGG, EfficientNet, ViT, etc.

Image Embedding
Image Animation

Convert an image into an animated image.

Image Deduplication

Find exact or near-exact duplicates within a collection of images.

Image Decode
Text Image Search

Returns images related to the description of the input query text, which is cross-modal retrieval.


Under the hood: Embedding models and ANNS indexes in image search.

Image Embedding
NLP Q&A System

Process user questions and give answers through natural language technology.

Text Embedding

Text Search

Search most similar text to the query text across all data.

Video Reverse Video Search

It takes a video as input to search for similar videos.

Action Classification
Video Classification

Video Classification is the task of producing a label that is relevant to the video given its frames.

Action Classification
Text Video Search

Search for similar or related videos with the input text.

Deepfake Detection

Predict the probability of a fake video for a given video.

Audio Audio Classification

Categorize certain sounds into certain categories, such as ambient sound classification and speech recognition.

Audio Classification
Medical Molecular Search

Search for similar molecular formulas based on the Tanimoto metric, and also supports searching for substructures and superstructures.

Data Science Credit Card Approval Prediction

Predict whether the bank issues a credit card to the applicant, and the credit scores can objectively quantify the magnitude of risk.

Training Fine Tune

Tutorial about how to fine tuen with towhee.

Image Embedding


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