JVS IO Board by Arduino Nano
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IONA - JVS IO Board by Arduino Nano

This program makes an Arduino Nano work as a JVS IO Board that allows you to connect a legacy JAMMA joystick to a JVS based arcade system, such as NAOMI.


                         o TX1  VIN o--------------------------o (JAMMA c)
JVS Data+ o--------------o RX0  GND o
                         o RST  RST o
                         o GND   5V o--------------------------o AREF
                                                         / DIPSW1
JVS Data- o--------------o D2    A7 o-o---o---VVVV-------o o---o 5V
                                      |   |   R Ohm
                                    ----- |              / DIPSW2
                                    ///// +---VVVVVVVV---o o---o 5V
                                               2R Ohm
                                                         / DIPSW3
JVS Sense o---o---VVVV---o D3    A6 o-o---o---VVVV-------o o---o 5V
              |  100 Ohm              |   |   R Ohm
       100 nF =                     ----- |              / DIPSW4
              |                     ///// +---VVVVVVVV---o o---o 5V
            -----                              2R Ohm
 JAMMA 18 o--------------o D4    A5 o
 JAMMA 19 o--------------o D5    A4 o
 JAMMA 20 o--------------o D6    A3 o--------------------------o JAMMA 16
 JAMMA 21 o--------------o D7    A2 o--------------------------o JAMMA 17
 JAMMA 22 o--------------o D8    A1 o--------------------------o (button 5)
 JAMMA 23 o--------------o D9    A0 o--------------------------o (button 6)
 JAMMA 24 o--------------o D10 AREF o--------------------------o 5V
 JAMMA 25 o--------------o D11  3V3 o
 JAMMA 15 o--------------o D12  D13 o--------------------------o LED on Nano

Of course, all GNDs should be connected together.

 JVC GND o---o---o JAMMA GND
      Arduino Nano  GND

VIN from JAMMA 5V is optinoal. Instead, you can provide power to the Arduino Nano from the USB mini on the board as usually you do to program it.

DIPSW1-4 are also optional, and not used yet. But probably will be used to have rapid fire switches, and mode select to support the Marjong connector.

Button 5 and 6 can be connected to an extended connector that support extra buttons, like aka kick harness.

Note: JVS uses the USB connector, but it isn't the real USB at all. The protocol is completely different, and it does not provide the 5V power.