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Here is Hackenslash: A game Built In a Week, in its full ugly Python source-code glory.

To play the game, you MUST install Python 2.3 or higher, and the latest compatible version of PyGame. The simply run:
"python" and enjoy.

You can get Python at, and pygame at

Should you wish to delve into the depths of the source code - I wish you the best of luck. This should not be construed in any manner as an example of how to right good code. This was whipped out under and extremely tight deadline with very little time to go back and comment, clean up, refactor, or even fix bugs. However, there may be some good ideas buried deep in there. Very deep. 

However, if you dare to go into this code and find something useful to use for your own project, I wish you the best of luck. Feel free to do so, under the terms of the license below - which basically says please acknowledge me in some small way so I can know I helped make you rich and famous.

Jay Barnson
Rampant Games


This software is copyright 2005 by Rampant Games

This software is provided as-is, with no warranty expressed or implied. It was thrown together
in a matter of hours, so any resemblance to useful or readable code is purely coincidental

Permission is granted to use this software for any legal purpose, provided you acknowledge the
contribution of code by Jay Barnson or Rampant Games somewhere in the documentation. 
If you do manage to construct something for distribution with this code, it would be nice
(but not required) to include a link back to
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