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Auth with Google

It's important to understand how to get an OAuth2 access token, as it's required by the V3 Google Analytic API. Getting an OAuth2 Access Token

Or, if you're building a service application that doesn't need to authenticate external clients, you can use Service Accounts.

Quick Start

After that, check out the Quick Start Guide

To help with this process, we have a new Legato CLI for IRB


Then it's good to learn about the Management APIs for Accounts, WebProperties, and Profiles

Report Models

Once that's in hand, you can start modeling your data. Read what Google has on Metrics and Dimensions. Then go ahead and Model away!

Querying & Filtering

After you can move on to Query Parameters like start- and end- dates, limit/offset, and order.

Lastly, the largest topic, Filtering Queries on Metrics and Dimensions. This is a new feature for Legato that permits filtering metrics and dimensions using AND, as well as filtering either metrics or dimensions (not mixed) using OR.

See what the Google Analytics docs have to say about Filtering

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