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Tyler Kemme
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Chrome Developer Tools Addon for Local By Flywheel


Add this addon to Local By Flywheel to access the Chrome Developer Tools while Local is open. This is a useful tool when for developing addons for Local. Also includes a function reload() that can be run in the Developer Tools Console to reload the application.

Quick Start

  1. Clone this repo: git clone local-addon-devtools && cd local-addon-devtools
  2. Run npm install
  3. Run initial build: npm run-script build
  4. Link into Local's addon directory: ln -s "$(pwd)" ~/Library/Application\ Support/Local\ by\ Flywheel/addons
  5. Restart Local and activate addon from Settings > Addons


  • To automatically transpile your JS while developing, just start watch task: npm run-script watch.
  • The only thing this starter addon currently does is open dev tools in Local and add a reload() function to the window object, type reload() into the dev tools console after you've saved/transpiled to see your changes.

Installing Dev Dependencies

npm install

Folder Structure

All files in /src will be transpiled to /lib using Babel. Anything in /lib will be overwritten.


npm run-script build or npm run-script watch to transpile when source files are saved

Babel, transpiling, ES6, Node.js, what?

Not familiar with some or any of these terms? Here are a few resources to get you up to speed.

Dev Dependencies