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Heroku wildcards

Charlie: You're not letting the wild card do his thing.
Dennis: Is there any reason behind what you're doing?
Charlie: Wild card.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Run a command across multiple apps by including * in the app name.

$ heroku ps --app=myapp-*
# myapp-staging
=== web: `bundle exec rails server thin -p $PORT`
web.1: up 2013/03/02 19:40:05 (~ 1h ago)

# myapp-production
=== web: `bundle exec rails server thin -p $PORT`
web.1: up 2013/03/02 11:53:30 (~ 9h ago)
web.2: up 2013/03/02 11:56:05 (~ 9h ago)

You can also use commas for more precise specification:

$ heroku maintenance:on -a thing1,thing2

Or match against the Git remote name:

$ heroku config:set -r* BUILDPACK_URL=

Try it with the Heroku binstubs plugin:

$ heroku binstubs:create 'myapp-*' --as each-env


cd ~/.heroku/plugins
git clone

Requires a version of the Heroku CLI with legacy Ruby support.

Bonus feature

$ heroku --app myapp run console
 !    `--app` is not a heroku command.
 !    Perhaps you meant `--help` or `apps`.
 !    See `heroku help` for a list of available commands.

Don't you just hate that? Well, since I was already monkeying with the dispatcher, I went ahead and fixed it.


Copyright © Tim Pope. MIT License. See LICENSE for details.