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provide standard reload mapping #54

gilligan opened this Issue · 2 comments

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This is more of a request than a bug. I cam across this question at stackoverflow:

As you can see I suggested to do something like this : map \u call pathogen#infect() to rescan the bundles directory.
Maybe you could provides a default mapping for this and mention somehting in the documentation ? Unless
this happens to be a bad idea for some reason ?


I've wanted something like this for a while. Two big caveats:

  1. Calling pathogen#infect() a second time results in scanning not just the original runtime path, but also inside any bundles that were added the previous go around. With a lot of bundles, this is noticeably slow. Plus the path ends up in a weird order.
  2. If Vim has already loaded, we need to manually activate plugins and filetype detection. This is not necessarily unfeasible, but I'm guessing there are edge cases hiding in there (things like #38).

@tpope have you thought a bit more regarding this? I'm currently using pathogen for my standalone plugin manager and it would be awesome not having to close the editor when you install a new plugin.

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