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Forked and enhanced version of xiphux gitphp with repo manifest support
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About this fork :

This fork was first based on GitPHP v0.2.3 from
It implements all the features of xiphux 0.2.7 and some more fixes from the master branch.

This Variant is made to be compatible with Google 'repo' architecture which is a SCM
layer, based on xml manifest(s), used to manage and sync a lot of git projects.

Due to a massive code rewrite in 0.2.8, i stopped trying to merge xiphux commits, which is now very hard to do.
The only way to include all my features in current xiphux variant is to rewrite them from start...

So for the moment, i will only do backports of the features step by step, these versions are now named 0.2.7.y

When the job will be completed and my diffs reduced enough against xiphux master, i will be able to rebase
the changes to restore the ability to do normal git merges/rebase... 

The original skin can be seen here :

Another one (blueskin) can be seen here :

Changes made by Tanguy Pruvot (2011/2013) :

New abilities :
+ Autolist normal "git clone" repositories and not only public "bare" ones.
+ Autolist subfolders (and set maximum level, to create groups of repositories)
+ Load a project list using an android .repo manifest.xml and the local_manifest.xml overrides
+ Show diff of pictures
+ Show and diff folder history

Enhancements :
+ use origin git clone url as description
+ use git as default owner
+ Optional remote branches support (and badges)
+ fix line numbers sync in IE 8,9 and Chrome (11), Mozilla dont change line height if monospace text is bold or italic
  made with a new config variable "fixupjs" where we can add a jQuery script
+ Show file line changes +/- in Commit view
+ New options to toggle display of owner and for default sort order of project list
+ Side by Side line numbers, Tab/Space display and copy paste helpers
+ Search by commit hash
+ Indexing bots limited access (googlebot, bingbot...), enabled by default to reduce server load
+ Follow renames in file history
+ Abbreviated Commit hashes links in commit messages (like github)
+ Merge tracking in shortlog (to enhance)

Addons :
+ Blueskin alternative skin


- Complete .repo support to check android platform status (local projects changes)
  .repo folder contains all the subprojects .git folders, i only use the .repo folder in versions <= v0.2.7

- Enhance the log history to identify "merged commits" from merged branches

- Implement a Calendar view

- Another kind of skin for tablets

Missing features from xiphux/master :

- User Authentification (0.2.9)

- Disabled PHP functions check (0.2.9)

Last notes:

In the current 0.2.7.y (at the date of the .6), some unit tests are failing...
Most of them because i dont have all the Load Strategy exploded (sub)classes of git objects

You can use the 0.2.7-repo tagged version for daily use, but for dev work, please consider the latest versions
which are closer to the current xiphux architecture (Autoloader, Typed Exceptions, URL Router ...)

I will tag a 0.2.8-repo when all xiphux features will be included and class paths moved to subfolders.

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