@tpruvot tpruvot released this Oct 5, 2016 · 1 commit to decred since this release

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Allow to mine ETH without DAG requirement on nVidia cards and AMD

Beware: ETH requires cards with at least 1750MB of free memory.

tested ok on RX470, GTX960 and 1070

PS: you can donate by mining using the sample batch 👍

@tpruvot tpruvot released this Mar 20, 2016 · 9 commits to decred since this release

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This version includes NVML and ADL support to monitor both nVidia and AMD cards. It support both Getwork(+longpoll) and "Getwork over Stratum" mining protocols.

Capture on windows, with 2x GTX 970 + one GTX 960 in a closed case (mining on yiimp) :


On linux, 960 and 750 Ti

If you have problems with OpenCL platforms, use regedit and disable the unwanted providers :


Known issues to resolve : Change via TUI (keyboard) of the gpu intensity crash sgminer on windows, on both vstudio and mingw but not in vstudio debug mode...

NOTE: This release is outdated and no more compatible with decred v1.0