Trade Manager automates technical trading of candle stick charts with an interface to Interactive Brokers Trader Workstation (IB TWS) & Yahoo Finanace
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Source and Documentation 2.1. Please see Wiki for Install instructions and Eclipse setup.

  1. Added functionality to add commissionReport call. This require adding commission to TradeOrderfill table. Run target UpgradeDB to update current databases.
  2. Code base moved over to Git Hub
  3. Re-factored Main controller moved BrokerDataRequestMonitor into its own class under broker. Test case updates
  4. Re-factored HashMaps to use hashCode rather than DB key for identification.
  5. Update all test cases to JUnit4 style
  6. Add functionality to handle trailing and trailing limit stops.
  7. Update to java 1.8 use ZonedDateTime instead of java.util.Date
  8. Update JPA to 2.1 chnge build to only use nySQL 5.6 or greater
  9. Added type attribute to CodeType and FK idTradeStrategy to CodeValue run target upgradeDB in Build to upgrade a current Database.
  10. Split Configuration Tab/CodeTypes out into sub-types using CodeType.type attribute. This allows you to add parameters to Tradestrategies. Types are Indicator Parameters, Strategy Parameters.

Demo database for 2.1 (TradeProdDB.sql).

Demo database download

Demo database with 5min bar data for gappers. This uses a demo strategy and 1min bars for back-testing. Result of the strategy are already included.