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The Yogic StartPage


See demo here

Table of Contents

  1. Intro
  2. Credits
  3. Configuration
  4. Installation
  5. To-do-stack
  6. Support


What defines a good start page?

From one yogi to another, I think a good startpage simply has the follow missions:

  1. Inspire stillness & remind us of who we really are.
  2. Functional with a minimal focus. No distractions, just YOU and your links.
  3. Easy to configure.

How does the Yogic StartPage do this?

  1. Only the relevant links/ bookmarks and search engines configured by YOU
  2. Curated background image from Unsplash
  3. Simple, minimalist functional design in HTML & Javascript.


We don't own anything. Anything we know are merely combination of ideas that have once been taught or shown to us by others we met in this life time.

If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.
~Carl Sagan

Everything belongs to the universe.


This startpage is designed so that if you know how to edit a text document, you can configure it easily.

You'll only have to be concerned with TWO files that you can edit in a text editor (I recommend TextWrangler for Mac and Notepad.exe for Windows):


links in links.txt should be in the following format || Your Link's Name || Google Search

That is, the URL MUST start with either http:// or https://. And there MUST be one empty space in front of and immediately after the || sign.


The settings.js file defines a big settings object that's referenced by all the other pieces of this project.

Here's what can be configured and a brief description of the features:

  • name of the links text file (should you want to change its name)
  • title of the startpage
  • navigation options:
    • toggle for opening links and search results in new Tab window
    • toggle for auto-collapsing the expanded menu after a link is clicked
  • fonts (For how to pick the right font for your startpage, check out this article):
    • font for the title, weather, clock, and search engine
    • font for the links titles
    • toggle for making all links and search engine label Upper Case
  • icons (NOT supported at the moment)
  • clock
    • 24h or 12h clock
  • weather
    • toggle for hiding weather display
    • toggle for letting the weather plugin locate you automatically
    • a default location for when geolocate == false
  • background
    • source: you can study how unsplash's API work and link to your own collection if you don't like mine.
    • toggle for whether the background image only changes once per day or not
  • search enigne
    • setup your own search engines (the first one in the list is the default search engine)
    • toggle for if the search box is focused on page load or not
    • toggle for showing quotes as placeholders in the search input box
    • You can enter your own collections of Quotes which will randomly be selected on load.

Here's an example of what js/settings.js looks like:

var settings = {
    "links_path" : "links.txt",
    "title" : "&#2384 Here & Now",
    //\_ Page's title: enter your personal mantra

    "navigation": {
	"newWindow": true,
	//\_ open links and search results in new tab?
	"menu_auto_close": false
	//\_ close links dropdown menu after a link is clicked?

	"body": "Clear Sans",//"Calibri",
	"links": "Trebuchet MS", //"Helvetica"
	"toUpper": false
	//\_ should links and search engine label be all uppercase?
    "icons": {
	"showIcons": false

    "clock": {
	"IsMilitary": true

    "weather": {
	"show": true,
	"geolocate": false,
	"default_loco": "Hong Kong, Hong Kong"
    "background": {
	    "baseUrl": "",
	    "dawnColId": "407882",
	    "duskColId": "407878"
	"daily": false
	//\_ should background picture in each collection be only updated once per day?
    "search": {
	"engines": [// format is [search url, search varible name (different for each site), label to be shown]
		    ["", "q","GOOGLE"],
		    ["", "q","GImg"],
		    ["", "q", "GMap"],
		    ["", "q", "GNews"],
		    ["", "search_query", "YouTube"],
		    ["", "q", "SoundCloud"],
		    ["", "q", "Bing"],
		    ["", "q", "GitHub"],
		    ["", "q", "DuckDuckGo"],
		    ["", "i", "WolframAlpha"]
	"focusSearch": true,
	//\_ should the search box be selected on load?
	"showQuotes": true,
		  "What you seek is seeking you. ~ Rumi",
		  "This Universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are. ~ Rumi",
		  //"You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop. ~ Rumi",
		  "the Universe is in us. ~ Neil DeGrasse Tyson",
		  "What yOu- seek you already are. ~ Deepak Chopra",
		  "All that you seek is already within you. ~ Ram Dass",
		  "Look within! The secret is inside you. ~ Hui Neng",
		  "Everything is within. Everything exists. Seek nothing outside of yourself. ~ Miyamoto Musashi",
		  "Search within... for honest self-expression. ~ Bruce Lee",
		  "Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without. ~ Buddha"


I. As local file for your browser

  1. Download and unzip the file in a local directory of your choice.
  2. Edit the links.txt (and js/settings.js) file per the config section
  3. Change your browser settings to point to the downloaded index.html (for example: file://Users/SuperUser/Documents/yogic-startpage/index.html)

I. Hosting on your own server

  1. Download and unzip the file in a local directory of your choice.
  2. Edit the links.txt (and js/settings.js) file per the config section
  3. Make a new directory for the startpage in your webserver
  4. Upload the files to the target webserver directory


  • a toggle for all the available link_*.txt found in the directory
  • integrated search function (within the search box) for links in the list
  • optional Moon Phase display next to the weather icon
  • optional Sunrise and Sunset time next to the weather icon
  • change background base on Sunrise and Sunset time from the weather info
  • Clickable Switch for opening links in New Window
  • Countdown or Stop watch button
  • Arrow keyboard netvigation for links
  • Hotkey Search box activation
  • Make links Icon work
  • Use font matters for Search Engine list
  • create link for the search type to the current search engine
  • get autocomplete from the respective search engine as you type in the input box
  • show you a list of things you've searched for, as a journal of your wandering mind


Log issues here.

To collaborate with me for other project interest, you can email me at iam [at]


From my heart to yours. See demo:



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