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Tradervue API

The Tradervue API is a REST-style API for Tradervue that uses JSON for serialization, and HTTP Basic authentication over SSL.

Refer to the change log for the history of API changes.

Making a request

All URLs start with, and are accessible via SSL only.


You use HTTP Basic authentication to authenticate with the Tradervue API.

Identify your app

You must include a User-Agent header that identifies your application, including either a link to your application or your email address, with each request. This allows us to get in touch with you in case there is a problem (so we can warn you before you're blacklisted), or if we want to talk to you about your app! Something like:

User-Agent: TradeImporter (


User-Agent: MyApp (

If you don't supply this header, you will get a HTTP 400 Bad Request response.

Multiple Users

If you are the administrator of an organization in Tradervue, and this feature has been enabled for your organization, you can issue API calls on behalf of users in your organization. You could use this to auto-import trades for your users, for example.

To issue an API call on behalf of another user, you should authenticate as the organization administrator, and include a Tradervue-UserId HTTP header that identifies the target user. Something like:

Tradervue-UserId: 78914

If you do not have permission to issue API calls for the specified user, you will get a HTTP 403 Not Authorized response.

Note: the "X-" prefix for non-standard headers has been deprecated in RFC 6648, which is why it is not used here.



These are some open-source projects that use the Tradervue API.

  • py-tradervue-api - Python wrapper and command line client example for Tradervue API
  • tv-importofx - Utility to download OFX files from a broker and import them into Tradervue
  • qc - Command-line utility for syncing and running your backtests in QuantConnect, and importing the results into Tradervue

If there are additional projects we're missing, let us know!

Specific API Documentation