Adds Trakt Support to Mediaportal
Latest commit e143ee9 Jan 2, 2017 @damienhaynes damienhaynes * Added compatibility for MyFilms v6.1.2+;
* Added support for new MyVideos UserRatings, supports 2-way syncing of user-ratings. My Videos now requires MP 1.16.
* Added support for TMDb ID matching from My Videos.

Trakt for MediaPortal

This project implements the Trakt API for Mediaportal.

Trakt for MediaPortal actively keeps a record of what TV shows and movies you are watching. Based on your favorites, your friends, and the community, trakt recommends other TV shows and movies.

Plugins Supported

If you're a plugin developer for Mediaportal and would like to have your plugin supported for scrobbling of either Movies or TV Series feel free to get in contact.


  1. Download and install Trakt for MediaPortal
  2. From the MediaPortal Home screen, select Trakt and go to Settings >> Account Settings
  3. Enter in your login information and sign in to Trakt. If you don't already have an account, sign up at
  4. Back in the Settings menu, go to Plugins and enable the plugins you want to scrobble and sync
  5. Start watching shows and movies in MediaPortal, then use the trakt website to view your watched history, library collection, manage friends, and get social!