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Abbott-Smith - Summary

Abbott-Smith is a project to mark up the G. Abbott-Smith's A Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament (New York: Scribner's, 1922) using TEI.

Source and Copyright

The PDF file with a text layer (manualgreeklexic00abborich.pdf) was obtained from Certain restrictions apply to the use of this file. These are included in the PDF file.

The lexicon (abbott-smith.tei.xml), including the marked up version in this repository, is in the public domain.

Viewing and Downloading

The main file in this repository is abbott-smith.tei.xml.

To use the lexicon, download any release from the Releases page.

Also, a module for the SWORD Library is available from CrossWire.


The work of marking up and checking the text are complete. Many thanks to all those who devoted time and expertise:

  • Daniel Owens
  • Dardo Sordi
  • Chuck Bearden
  • Patrick Durusau
  • Jonathan Robie
  • Stephen Hughes (aka Στέφανος)
  • David Statezni
  • Bram vandenHeuvel
  • Drew Curley
  • Chapel Presson
  • Todd L. Price

Markup Information

All text from the lexicon is marked up using's iteration of TEI XML, which supports several features of OSIS XML that are relevant to biblical studies (especially biblical references). For helpful documentation on this iteration of TEI, see For the schema definition, see For detailed documentation on TEI dictionaries, see


2017/02/03 - Release of v. 1.0: This release comes thanks to the work of David Statezni, Bram vandenHeuvel, Drew Curley, Chapel Presson, and Todd L. Price to complete the markup and checking of the lexicon. The lexicon is complete.

2013/12/12 - Release of v. 0.5: This release contains the majority of entries in Abbott-Smith, some of which have been marked up very carefully but many others that require manual editing. The release includes numerous fixes to the data from DSAW's version, particularly correcting references and restoring <div> elements and page numbers. Also added: <etym> for etymological data and <re> for related entry information (mostly for synonyms). Many thanks to Jonathan Robie and Patrick Durusau for collating the data and to Dardo Sordi for working countless hours to improve the data. From this point forward we will use the Github release feature since there is no longer any nonsense OCR text to remove before release. However, much editing remains to be done, and there may be errors. Note the Total entries: 5,726. Total pages checked: 4/526.

2013/12/04 - Replaced all missing entries with entries generated from DSAW's version using an XQuery, added Hebrew text to DSAW's entries. Initially complete. We still plan to restructure the entries and verify a number of things.

2012/12/12 - Release of v. 0.15: Includes pages iii-16 and entries for words occurring 100 times or more in the Greek NT. Total entries: 555.

2012/10/01 - Release of v. 0.14: Includes pages iii-9 and entries for words occurring 100 times or more in the Greek NT. Also moved markup instructions to markdown file instead of PDF. Total entries: 299.

2012/09/07 - Release of v. 0.13: Includes pages iii-5 and entries for words occurring 200 times or more in the Greek NT. Total entries: 148.

2012/09/01 - Release of v. 0.12: Includes pages iii-4 and entries for words occurring 300 times or more in the Greek NT. Total entries: 110.

2012/08/07 - Release of v. 0.11: Includes pages iii-4 and entries for words occurring 500 times or more in the Greek NT. Also changed to using <gloss> instead of <def>. Many thanks to Dardo Sordi for corrections and additional entries. Total entries: 85.

2012/07/27 - First Release (v. 0.1): Includes pages iii-3 and entries for words occurring 1,000 times or more in the Greek NT. Total entries: 50.

2012/05/10 - Moved markup instructions to PDF file

2012/05/09 - Initial upload with frontmatter and page numbers marked up