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transmission-remote-gtk is a GTK client for remote management of the Transmission BitTorrent client, using its HTTP RPC protocol.


Runtime/Build Required Dependencies

The following packages are required dependencies for building and running transmission-remote-gtk:

  • gtk >= 3.22
  • glib >= 2.56 (including gio and gthread)
  • json-glib >= 1.2.8
  • libsoup >= 3.0
  • GNU gettext

An example command for getting the packages required for an Ubuntu/Debian system:

# apt install libgtk-3-dev libgeoip-dev gettext libsoup-3.0-dev libjson-glib-dev

Optional Dependencies

The following packages are optional dependencies:

  • libappindicator or libayatana-appindicator3, Application tray support

If these libraries are installed at build time they will be automatically detected and linked for additional functionality.

Build Only Dependencies

transmission-remote-gtk uses meson for its build system. A relatively new version of meson is required.

  • meson >= 0.59.0
  • appstream-util (optional, appdata validation)
  • desktop-file-utils (optional, desktop file validation)
  • rst2man (optional, manpage generation)

An example of getting the build dependencies for an Ubuntu/Debian system:

# apt install gcc meson appstream-util python-docutils

NOTE: Ubuntu and other stable or LTS distros may have outdated versions of meson that will not work for compiling transmission-remote-gtk. Meson can also be installed via pip:

# apt install python3-pip
$ pip install meson


Building transmission-remote-gtk is simple. The following commands will clone the repository, build transmission-remote-gtk, and install it on your system:

$ git clone
$ cd transmission-remote-gtk
$ meson setup --prefix="$prefix" "$builddir"
$ meson compile -C "$builddir"
# meson install -C "$builddir"

Tarball releases are also available to download.


Installing transmisison-remote-gtk can be done in a few ways besides building from source. There are many distributions that package transmission-remote-gtk for example. However, there is a cross-distribution Flatpak available that is always up to date.

Download on Flathub

NOTE: Only the latest release is supported for issues; if your installed version is older you should try the Flatpak or report bugs to your distribution.


transmission-remote-gtk is released under GNU GPLv2. See the COPYING file for details.


This project is under active development, and help is always appreciated regardless of skill level. Current project goals and refactors are being tracked in the Wiki. Take a look if you're interested in helping. Other PRs are also welcome!


Development happens on github (this repository). Issues and pull requests should be submitted here. If you would like to discuss development or ask general questions about the project, you can try #transmission-remote-gtk on


transmission-remote-gtk is a GTK client for remote management of the Transmission BitTorrent client, using its HTTP RPC protocol.







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