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Standalone HTML+JS build radiator for TeamCity - based on tc-radiate with many improvements
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TravCorp's Radiator for TeamCity

Based on RobBollons/tc-radiate with improved features. Features

  • Self-hostable on Github under (just fork this repo for your own URL, make changes and deploy them instantly by pushing to gh-pages branch)
  • Supports 'no guest account' setups of TeamCity, with no credentials saved in code (uses the standard browser's basic authentication, so you can save credentials in your browser, or just keep entering them)
  • Supports multiple projects (displays full name of each build, every project will be shown, even if it wasnt built in 20 last buids)
  • List ordered by priority: Uninvestigated Failure > Investigated Failure > Running > Success (within each group sorted by recency, big picture always shows highest priority)
  • Shows author names of failed changes (when no changes shows who triggerred the build)
  • Shows investigator name and his comment, if provided
  • Can play sound on failure (when not wanted can be muted persistently)
  • Shows how long ago each build was run
  • Very easy to add more sounds and images (supports remote URLs with fallback to local ones)

Working monitors

They're here: (use your own TeamCity credentials or the shared ones)

Hacking the monitors:

Clone this repo, play with the code and make a pull request to the gh-pages branch. The above page will update automatically!

Adding/Changing content

Edit the lists files for images or sounds. The lists work with local files (dropped to the same folder as the list) as well as remote URLs (make sure that they work - hosts sometimes reject cross-domain requests).

Testing local changes

To test your changes on your local machine, you need to open the index.html file in a browser with disabled cross-domain security. In the main folder there are open-in-*-for-local-development.cmd files, which help you to do this. Please read and follow instructions displayed during execution.

Original readme from tc-radiate follows:


A simple JavaScript build radiator for TeamCity

Please feel free to fork and hack away at the code.


  1. To configure tc-radiate with your own TeamCity server go to 'Settings.js' and edit the relevant variables.
  2. Set your TeamCity to allow cross-domain requests from the domain where you host the monitor (see TeamCity Doc). Alternatively, use a Proxy.


This is not advised if you can set up CORS in TeamCity (see Configuration), but in the absence of other choice you can use a proxy web application to request the TeamCity web services. In the 'proxies' folder there is an example of a an ASP.NET proxy which needs to be ran on IIS. If you want to use this, just copy it into the root tc-radiate folder and hook the folder up to an IIS website.

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