Ruby 4 2


A rails app to administrate and use simple test plans

Updated Apr 13, 2011

Ruby 3 2


Small rails-based counting and statistics server

Updated Apr 7, 2011


forked from resque/resque

Resque is a Redis-backed Ruby library for creating background jobs, placing those jobs on multiple queues, and processing them later.

Updated Apr 7, 2011

Ruby 3 3


Reference client to the Travel IQ API at

Updated Mar 11, 2011

Ruby 2 3


Plugin to find out if the client is a mobile device, based on the user agent string.

Updated Mar 7, 2011


MemcacheArray is a wrapper for Memcache so it can be used as shared memory holding arrays.

Updated Feb 28, 2011

Ruby 5 3


XmlDataBuilder renders Ruby data structures as XML using Builder.

Updated Feb 22, 2011

Ruby 3 1


A collection of string manipulation tools - slugs, deabbreviations, replacement of non-ASCII chars

Updated Feb 22, 2011

Ruby 6 5


Masterplan is a library for comparing Ruby data structures against predefined templates - like XML Schema without the XML.

Updated Feb 22, 2011


forked from rails/rails

Ruby on Rails

Updated Jan 27, 2011


CGI to download images from URLs, converting them into 4 resolutions putting all together in one container. In combination with a webserver and a proxyserver the whole thing will surf the images eather directly out of a proxy cache, the local container or after the creation of the container...

Updated Jan 11, 2011

Python 1 226


forked from mzupan/nagios-plugin-mongodb

A Nagios plugin to check the status of MongoDB

Updated Dec 9, 2010


Plugin for Nagios which checks the errmsg of all nodes in a replication set. Can also be used with nrpe or directly out of the shell

Updated Dec 9, 2010


forked from savonrb/savon

Heavy metal Ruby SOAP client

Updated Nov 5, 2010


forked from tra/spawnling

spawn plugin for Rails to easily fork or thread long-running code blocks

Updated Oct 22, 2010


forked from savonrb/httpi

Common interface for Ruby HTTP libraries

Updated Sep 12, 2010