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+title: An Update on Travis Pro
+author: Mathias Meyer
+twitter: roidrage
+created_at: Thu Mar 18 2013 16:00:00 CET
+permalink: blog/2013-03-18-an-update-on-travis-pro
+layout: post
+It's been a while since our last update on Travis CI for private repositories,
+our hosted product version of Travis CI.
+We've launched into a private beta last July, and not only has a lot of time
+passed since then, we've made some great progress.
+In September we started moving the platform into a paid private beta mode, and
+I'm happy to report that by now, we have more than 220 paying organizations
+using the platform. On a daily basis, we're running close to 6000 builds.
+While this may sound insignificant compared to the now more than 21000 builds we
+run every day on our open source platform, test suites are usually a lot more
+complex and long-running for private projects and products.
+### What's been keeping us so long to go public?
+To be able to open the platform for everyone, we had several things we wanted to
+solve first. The good news is, we're almost there.
+We rewrote our build process to be a lot more stable, we're in the process of
+moving our build infrastructure away from VirtualBox, and we've deployed one of
+the last outstanding fixes for us to have more reliable and scalable build log
+In short, we wanted to have the greatest confidence in our system being able to
+handle a much larger number of customers more easily than it did before.
+We're slowly starting to move customer projects to our new infrastructure, and
+once we're able to fully decommission our VirtualBox setup, it'll be a lot
+easier for us to grow our infrastructure with the number of customers coming on
+### So how long until we go public?
+Sorry that we're not in the position to give a specific date yet, but we're
+frantically working on opening up the platform for everyone. Lots of folks are
+waiting on our beta list, and we're sorry we've kept you waiting for so long.
+If you signed up for our [beta list](, you'll be hearing
+from us soon!

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