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Travis' love campaign
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app close the campaign, woohoo. thanks everybody!
config Try threadsafe.
db add the stripe stamp to the payment confirmation email
doc initial commit
features fix cucumber features
lib revert printf debugging, ip is simply lost in production, nothing we …
log keep the log dir
public Add new Librato logo.
spec rename OrdersMailer to OrderMailer (according to the rails convention…
test/unit send browser events on new orders
vendor/assets/javascripts renamed vendor/assets/javascript to javascripts
.gitignore add labeling scripts
Gemfile close the campaign, woohoo. thanks everybody!
Gemfile.lock close the campaign, woohoo. thanks everybody!
Rakefile abstract settings for heroku, can use travis-cli for configuring and …
TODO add a private message to orders and make address fields required for … try to set country and city via geoip
test.rb centralize sponsors images in

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