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mocha-teamcity-reporter Teamcity reporter which makes it possible to display test results in real-time, makes test information available on the Tests tab of the Build Results page.

Version 3.x changes

  • Change mocha to peer dependency
  • Support mocha version 6
  • Breaking: focus on only support node.js environments (Please let me know if your environment does not work)
  • Breaking: Remove phantomJs support, only supports environments which have require node.js style imports
  • Breaking: Remove Redundant top level mocha.suite
  • Drop the duration on messages if mocha returns undefined/null (for example skipped test) TeamCity will then use received timestamps to calculate duration
  • Support Show diff between expected and actual values

Mocha@6 notes

  • recordHookFailures option may not work as intended as mocha6 is now doing this itself


  • NodeJs 4+
  • Web Browser supporting ES5

To Install

In your project run a npm install command:

npm install mocha-teamcity-reporter --save-dev

Basically, have your project's package.json be like:

  "devDependencies": {
    "mocha-teamcity-reporter": ">=2.0.0"

Usage describes using third party reporters in mocha.

Then call mocha with:

mocha --reporter mocha-teamcity-reporter test

Running In Browser

  • Use lib/teamcityBrowser
  • Has option parsing stripped out for the moment
  • Example use can be found in test\browser
  • Custom log function can be set with window.customLogFunction


TeamCity flowId

Can set flowId like: mocha test --reporter mocha-teamcity-reporter --reporter-options flowId=gobbledygook

Top-level suite name

Can set a top-level suite name, which will wrap all other suites.
This is useful for reading test output when running multiple suites in a single build

  • Environment variable: MOCHA_TEAMCITY_TOP_LEVEL_SUITE=
  • Reporter option: topLevelSuite=

log test failures with std error

To enable this please Please note this will probaly be made default in the next major version

  • Environment variable: USE_STD_ERROR=true
  • Reporter option: useStdError=true

Record hook failures

Record failures for hooks such as before/after etc Please note this will probably be made default in the next major version

  • Environment variable: RECORD_HOOK_FAILURES=true
  • Reporter option: recordHookFailures=true

Show diff between expected and actual values

This will allow a hyperlink to appear to compare actual vs expected Please note this requires the error thrown in mocha to have the properties actual and expected. For example an assertionError has this

  • Environment variable: ACTUAL_VS_EXPECTED=true
  • Reporter option: actualVsExpected=true

This will be shown in teamcity like this:

AssertionError [ERR_ASSERTION]: 2 == 1
     at Context.<anonymous> (test/test_data/simple.js:11:11)
 ======= Failed test run #10 ==========
 Show diff between expected and actual values

Setting options

  • Set with reporter-options:

mocha test --reporter mocha-teamcity-reporter --reporter-options topLevelSuite=top-level-suite-name mocha test --reporter mocha-teamcity-reporter --reporter-options useStdError=true mocha test --reporter mocha-teamcity-reporter --reporter-options useStdError=true

  • Set with environment variable

MOCHA_TEAMCITY_TOP_LEVEL_SUITE='top-level-suite-name' mocha test --reporter mocha-teamcity-reporter

View on live Teamcity


  • Always Welcome
  • Would prefer if customisation is added it is controlled via mocha options or environment variables
  • Only requirement is for code to pass linting and functional tests

Run example test in project:

mocha test/test_data/simple.js --reporter mocha-teamcity-reporter or npm run test-teamcity-example

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