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Sample project to read FeliCa on iOS 13 and later
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ℹ️ 日本の NFC カードを読み取るためのライブラリを開発、公開しています。 ℹ️

treastrain/TRETJapanNFCReader 日本の NFC、FeliCa カード向けリーダーライブラリ(iOS 13.0 以降)



Code samples for reading FeliCa data on iOS 13.



Just build with Xcode 11.

Add system code to in Info.plist. Each system code must be a discrete value. The wild card value (0xFF) isn't allowed. Check Apple Developer Documentation.

In this repository, the following system code has already been added.

  • 0003: CJRC Standard (Suica, ICOCA, Kitaca, PASMO, TOICA, manaca, PiTaPa, SUGOCA, nimoca, HAYAKAKEN, RYUTO, SAPICA, odeca, KUMAMON's IC CARD, icsca, IruCa, PASPY, ...etc.)
  • FE00: Student ID card by Japanese Univ. Co-op
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