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Execute a Gist on IronWorker

An IronWorker that runs any gist.

Getting Started

You'll need an account first, get one for free at

Install Gem

sudo gem install gist_worker

Create a gist

Here's an example one:

Queue it up!

# Configure IronWorker first
IronWorker.configure do |config|
  config.token = 'MY_IRON_TOKEN'
  config.project_id = 'MY_IRON_PROJECT_ID'
# Now we just create our GistWorker and queue it up
require 'gist_worker'
worker =
worker.gist_id = "1989106"
worker.gist_file = "tester.rb"
worker.params = {'key1'=>'value', 'key2'=>3}

Either look in HUD to see if it worked or:

Optional: Wait for it to complete

status = worker.wait_until_complete
p status
puts worker.get_log
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