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IRC bot in rust
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An irc bot written in rust, for fun and profit! See rfc2812 for irc implementation details.

Be aware that rust is fast changing and I may not keep the code up to date.


  • Upload to pastebin when we have many lines output

  • Throttle messages being sent

  • Refactor irc writer to use Vec<&str> so it will not manually split on newlines (see schedule in main)

  • Refactor command hooks etc...

  • Logging

  • Auto-op in our channel

  • Move messages from String to &str

  • Autostart in screen

Implement some behaviour

  • Medium

    • .imdb

    • .duke - Duke Nukem quotes

    • auto op

    • Post notification when I post a new blogpost at

    • Mention whenever I make a commit at github
      curl -i

    • Choose one item from a list of options

    • Track the last time a given nick was in the channel, and the last time they spoke

    • .tell Queue a message for an offline nick that's automatically sent in-channel when they join

    • Use Google Translate to translate a given phrase

    • Display information about any posted Youtube link (video title, length, submitter, votes, comments, etc.)

    • Post notifications to channel when teams get a point

    • Url mentions, basically if someone links a URL , the bot displays a title of the page, and how many times its been mentioned.

  • Harder

    • .help [cmd]
    • latest manga (or something)
    • habitrpg hooks?
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