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Use SVGs as resources in Android
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What's our vector, Victor? -Captain Oveur

Use SVGs as resources in Android!

With this plugin, you can define source folders for SVGs and they will automatically be rasterized/included in your build without messing with your source code.


Add the following to your build.gradle:

buildscript {
    repositories {
    dependencies {
        classpath 'com.trello:victor:1.1.0'

apply plugin: ''

// Make sure to apply this plugin *after* the Android plugin
apply plugin: 'com.trello.victor'


Victor adds the svg source set to the Android plugin. You can define where your SVG folders are in the same way you define any other source sets:

android {
    sourceSets {
        main {
            svg.srcDir 'src/main/svg'

You can have multiple SVG folders for a variety of build types/product flavors; or you can just use 'main' to cover them all.

Additional configuration can be done in the victor closure:

victor {
    // Any assets defined in relative terms needs a base DPI specified
    svgDpi = 72

    // Do not generate these densities for SVG assets
    excludeDensities = [ 'ldpi', 'xxxhdpi' ]

    // Generates Android drawables instead of PNGs.
    // This is known not to work on only a subset of SVGs (e.g., does not support any value besides px).
    generateVectorDrawables = true

OSX Issues

When using Android Studio on OSX, you might see this error:

Toolkit not found: apple.awt.CToolkit

This occurs because Batik, the SVG toolkit Victor uses, requires a working version of AWT.

If this happens you should install and use JDK 1.7 for your instance of Android Studio. For instructions how, consult the "Mac OS X" section of this article.

Known Issues

  • Android Studio doesn't recognize generated resources in XML, so autocomplete doesn't work and you get warnings (even though the code works fine). Generated resources should be fully supported in future versions of the Android Gradle plugin.

  • Android Studio doesn't automatically rebuild if the SVG folder is modified (like it does with other resources). Therefore, if you add SVGs you will have to manually rebuild before they will be generated.

  • Due to bugs in Batik, the SVG toolkit used by Victor, some SVGs containing 'mask="url(#mask-2)"' references are not rasterized correctly. Sketch and other tools occasionally produce assets with these references.

Planned Features

  • 9-patch support
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